Societal Hypocrisy: Progress With Limits

social equality

It is disheartening to hear individuals (both male and female) proudly spout that women in leading positions are a nightmare; incompetent and should leave certain roles up to men. There has always been a general consensus that women are too emotional and irrational, and for the most part lack logic and are unable to engage in sound decision making, especially at the macro level.  Thus the higher up the ladder a woman climbs, the more criticism she faces. True, this is the reality of anyone who seeks self improvement; who strives to do better, but I would submit that women are met with even greater criticism.

no womanThis society empowers women but at the same time tells them there are limits to their dreams and aspirations.  The society we currently live in, will say that women ought to be independent and even laud the progress that has been made in terms of women being able to pursue courses of study in a field of their choosing. However, it is that same society which will condemn an opinionated woman, calling her aggressive and should she be passionate about a particular subject, her passion may be seen as PMS. To limit one’s contribution, one’s voice; to simply write off another’s opinion and to call it ranting associated with a biological function associated with womanhood is a regressive step.

Moreover, there are individuals who may even suggest that in a situation where a male and a female possess the same qualifications that a man is undoubtedly the more qualified and competent. This is ignorant thinking. It is even more abhorrent when it comes from other females. Women, how dare you take backward steps in  trying to shoot down a fellow female who has reached levels that some men have been unable to?  Why attack a woman for having a voice  because you are not brave enough to have your own voice? Because you have not yet liberated your mind from the structures of the past?

jb_img_07Males and females, (the society), must begin breaking down the prejudices which plague our society as a whole. One may argue that it is human nature to be prejudiced. However, I submit to you that unless we as a society begin to work towards the eradication or minimization of our prejudices, whether they be based on gender, age, religion, race (whatever it may be) our society will never know the true meaning of progress.


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